Gettting Around Taiwan

Universiade Athlete's Village Travel to/from Taipei City

Held in and around the Taipei City area, the 29th Universiade will take place from 19 August to 30 August, 2017.

There are 38 competition venues, most of which are located in Taipei City or New Taipei City.

The Athlete's Village (AV) is located at the intersection of Wenhua 1st Road and Ren'ai Road in Linkou District of New Taipei City. Chinese Address: 林口 仁愛文化一路口,世大運選手村

Where Can I Study and Learn Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Taiwan (ROC), mainland China (PRC), Singapore, and is spoken as an auxiliary language in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and many other Chinese communities abroad. With over 960 million native speakers worldwide, Mandarin is definitely an important language to learn.

Taiwan's primary language is Mandarin Chinese, and is a great place to learn how to speak Chinese!