Gettting Around Taiwan

New Taiwan dollar (NT$, TWD, 新台幣)

The New Taiwan dollar is the official currency of Taiwan (Republic of China). The currency code is TWD and is commonly abbreviated as NT$ or simply $ in front of the amount, or a Chinese character 元 (pronounced yuán) following the amount.

For example, prices could either be displayed as: "NT$30" or "30元".

Current exchange rates are listed below.

The official name of the New Taiwan dollar in Chinese is 新台幣 (新台币 in simplified Chinese), pronounced Xīntáibì.

Taipei MRT Rapid Transit Subway (台北捷運)

What is the Taipei MRT?
As the largest metro subway system in Taiwan, the Taipei MRT serves about 2 million riders daily. It is fast, convenient, and, most importantly, CLEAN! The subway system is very easy to navigate, and is both bilingual in Chinese and English (including the Chinese languages of Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, and Hakka). Transfers between lines are relatively close to each other, and the stations serve most areas of Taipei.

Tourist Tax Refund

Tourists visiting Taiwan are entitled to a partial tax refund when purchasing large-ticket items (such as laptops and mobile phones) and other cosmetic and beauty items that are generally far cheaper in Taiwan than places like Singapore.

When purchased from cooperating shops, purchases in excess of NT$3,000 (on the same day) are eligible for a 5% VAT tax refund when leaving Taiwan.

Universiade Althete's Village Travel to/from Taipei City

Held in and around the Taipei City area, the 29th Universiade will take place from 19 August to 30 August, 2017.

There are 38 competition venues, most of which are located in Taipei City or New Taipei City.

The Athlete's Village (AV) is located at the intersection of Wenhua 1st Road and Ren'ai Road in Linkou District of New Taipei City. Chinese Address: 林口 仁愛文化一路口,世大運選手村