Taiwan Quick Facts

Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Official Name: Republic of China 中華民國
Location: Pacific Ocean, 300 km SE of China
Capital City: Taipei City 台北市
Most Populous City: New Taipei City 新北市
Population: 23,340,136 (2013 estimate)
Territory Size: 36,193 km2 (136th in the world)
Population Density: 644 per km2 (17th in the world)
Currency: New Taiwan dollar (NT$, code TWD)
Timezone: UTC+8 (13h ahead of New York)
Intl' Dialing Code: +886 (Dialed 00886 or 011886 from the US)
Traffic Direction: Drive on the right side of road

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