Qingjing Green Green Grasslands (清境青青草原區)

Qingjing Farm 清境農場, Cingjing, Chingjing

Cingjing Farm
Qīngjìng Nóngchǎng
Why Should I Go?

Known as a “Foggy Eden” far away from the city area in the mountains, Qingjing is great for those who enjoy fresh air, lush forests, acres of flowers along the plains and hillsides, and beautiful starry nights.

Qingjing is a favourite spot to interact with farm animals such as cows and sheep. Some animals that can be found on the farm include Corriedale lamb, Hereford cow, Aberdeen Angus cow, Barbado Sheep, Arab Horse, and ponies. A horse riding show and sheep-shearing show are available for visitors to enjoy as part of farm entry ticket. Pony rides are available during the day at the Qingjing Green Green Grasslands.

Throughout the day, the sun interacting with mist and fog within, around, and over the mountaintops produces some amazing weather effects. At dawn, the sun appears to rise from a sea of clouds. In the afternoon, fog and mist can sometimes roll over the mountains to cover the hillside. At dusk, pink clouds can be produced overhead, creating an amazing sunset panorama for visitors to enjoy.

Some fruits grown on the farm include kiwi, pears, plums, and peaches.

Officially opened on 20 February, 1961, the farm and grounds are managed by the Veterans Affairs Council of the Republic of China (國軍退除役官兵輔導委員會).

A day pass ticket is required for entry to the farm areas at Guanshan Pasture and Green Green Grasslands. Ticket prices are listed below.

For those staying in Taichung, consider reserving a tour including transportation from/back to a hotel in Taichung, tour guide, admission, lunch, and afternoon tea, as well as visits to the Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Aboriginal History Museum, Carp Lake, and Puli Brewery.

The best food can be found in the hawker market area between the Green Green Grasslands (north) and Guanshan Pasture (south) sections of the park. Other restaurants, such as authentic southwest-Chinese Yunnan-style cuisine, can be found along Trail #4.

The landscape and beauty of Qingjing Farm changes with each season.

During the spring season, the flora and trees are waking from their winter rest and the pasture comes alive! New-born cows and sheep start their feeding activities (generally lasting until June), and the green grass and peach, pear, and apple blossoms begin slowly opening around March, with spring teas harvested around April. In May, lush, wild chrysanthemum are found in the grazing areas and highland azaleas are found around the neighbouring Hehuan Mountain.
From June to August, the sheep shearing show at the Green Green Grasslands is in its prime as visitors can enjoy the New Zealand-style shearing performance. This time is also great for picking fruits in the orchard, including Californian plums which ripen in June and peaches which are harvested in July and August. Green grass is everywhere with cows and sheep lazily grazing. Some flowers that are in full bloom during this season include azaleas and chrysanthemums, and wild birds and butterflies exploring the area in the nice weather.
In each month of autumn, different fruits are harvested: in September, the 20TH Century pear, in October the apple, and in November, the kiwi. Towards the end of October, winter teas are harvested and especially treasured for their distinct flavour and aroma unique to this area. High mountain vegetables such as Chinese cabbage (高山高麗菜) are enjoyed during this time, and the maple trees in Shoushan Park near the pasture area and the Swiss Garden near the Mist Plaza produce red fruits enticing migratory birds travelling to warmer climates.
While the grass has turned yellow and the leaves have already fallen, tulips and plum blossoms can be found around the area, especially during the February cherry blossom season. Sometimes, snow may fall in the area and around Hehuan Mountain. At night, the area can become very cold, so dress accordingly!

List of Attractions along Route PH14a at Qingjing Farm

Mist Plaza (遊客休閒中心)
450 KM
Travel Service Center, France Village (清境農場遊客中心)
200 M
487-Step Trail (步步高昇步道, Trail #6)
500 M
  • Great Nature Theater Ecological Area (大自然劇場)
Horsemanship Show Stage (馬術秀場)
500 M
  • Guanshan Trail #7
Guanshan Pasture (觀山牧區)
530 M
  • Guanshan Ticket Booth
  • Green Green Grasslands South Ticket Booth
Green Green Grasslands (青青草原區)
360 M
  • Sheep-Shearing Show (綿羊秀場)
  • Sheep Castle (綿羊城堡)
North Gate and Service Center (青青草原服務中心)
The 8 Trails around the Qingjing Area:
Located nearby the Rongguang New Village, this trail allows visitors to view the beautiful scenery of the Emerald Lake at an elevation of 1,100 metres.
Located west of the Mist Plaza looping out from Trail #4 and Trail #1, this trail is the best place to view the orange and pink sunset famous in this area.
Just outside the Mist Plaza to the west ending at Trail #1, this trail is a stroll through the famous Suwu Tea Garden.
Running along the west side of the main road PH14a, this trail is the main link between the farm and the Mist Plaza. The service centre and France Village are located along this route. In February, the trail is surrounded by beautiful sakura cherry blossoms.
A forest trail running from the Mist Plaza northeast, then looping around back to the service centre, this trail is home to tall Cryptomeria trees.
This trail forms part of the main path used by the southern part of the farm and the Guanshan Pasture, and visitors can come in close contact with sheep and other animals while strolling through the farm.
The highest-elevated trail in the area, the Great Wall Trail is nearby the north gate, and is the best place to view the high-mountain landscape, as well as view the lower-elevated parts of the northern section of the farm such as the sheep show staging area and Green Green Grasslands.
How to Get There?

By Long Distance Bus:
From Taipei Main Station Exit Z5, Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport (Taipei Long Distance Bus Station - West), take a bus to Puli (埔里) in Nantou. After arriving at Puli Bus Station (埔里客運站), change to Nantou Bus, Song’gang-Cuifeng route. Alight at Cingjing Farm (清境農場). The journey should take around 4-5 hours total.

What Else?

The local culture around Qingjing is unique in that it is a combination of Taiwanese Aboriginal culture and that of the Kuomintang army veterans who relocated to this area after the Chinese Civil War with their families from Yunnan Province in the southwest of mainland China. After 1949, when the KMT government had relocated to Taipei City, a group of guerrilla fighters supporting the KMT were still battling along the border of China and Myanmar (Burma). During their 11 year stationing, they integrated with the Yunnan local society and formed families with some ethnic minority locals. In 1971, the KMT launched a program to repatriate these 77 guerrillas (as well as their families) back to the Republic of China (now located on Taiwan). Many chose to settle in Nantou County nearby Qingjing Farm, adding more flavour (both culturally and culinary) to the area. Many shops selling Yunnan-style food can be found and enjoyed by visitors.

Tickets are required for entry to the farm areas Qingjing Green Green Grasslands and Guanshan Pasture. Tickets are sold as day passes, so visitors are free to exit and re-enter the farm.

Category Weekdays Weekend/Holiday
General NT$160 NT$200
With Valid Student ID
NT$120 NT$120
Aged 65+
NT$80 NT$100
30 People+
NT$120 NT$160
NT$80 NT$100
Children under 6 years
Visitor with disabilty plus one companion
Resident - 南投仁愛鄉
Volunteers with certificate
NT$20 NT$20