Best Beaches in the Taipei Area

Looking for a day trip to the beach from the Taipei area?

Around Taipei, there are 3 areas that provide a nice beach experience for visitors. Traveling to these beaches from the downtown area of Taipei City takes around 1.5 hours.

Fulong Beach - Easiest to access

Located on the northeast coast, Fulong Beach is known for its golden sand, delicious boxed lunch (便當 biàndāng), and easy access by the train. The beach requires and entry ticket, priced at NT$100, and is accessed by crossing over a bridge which is located down the street from the train station.

Baishawan Beach - Relaxed atmosphere

Located on the northwest coast past Tamsui, Baishwan Bay is a small public beach which is relatively uncrowded due to its more remote location. The beach is best accessed by public bus from the Tamsui MRT station at the end of the Red Line.

Wushigang Beach - Big waves and volcanic sand

Located in Yilan on the east coast, Wushigang Beach is located next to a fishing harbor and is a famous location for surfers and enjoying fresh seafood. Located outside Taipei, the beach can be accessed by intercity bus 1877 from either Yuanshan MRT or Nangang Exhib. Center MRT, or by local train to Wai'ao Station (外澳). The train trip will be simpler, but slower than the bus which takes the freeway direct to the beach area from Taipei.