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YouBike, or more officially the Taipei Bike Sharing System, is a large network of bicycle rental kiosks in Taipei City. With a seemingly countless amount of bicycle parking stations located around the city, many of which are located within walking distance of MRT stations and tourist destinations, YouBike is an excellent way to get around the city, complementing the MRT and public bus systems, giving visitors the option of conveniently renting a bicycle to explore the city or one of Taipei's many bicycle paths.

Advantages of the YouBike system include its multiple kiosk locations around the city, convenient payment and rental by simply using an EasyCard.

How to rent a bicycle in Taipei using YouBike
If it is your first rental, use the kiosk terminal to register your Easycard and local mobile number for verification. There is no deposit required. One-time users are allowed to use a credit card (with security chip) for rental, however, we recommend using the Easycard. One local phone number can register 5 Easycards for YouBike usage.

Simply choose an available bicycle in the parking lot, swipe your Easycard over the terminal, and slide the bike out. Your first 30 minutes are free, and the bicycle can returned to any YouBike station, provided space is available.

When returning the bicycle, slide the bike into the terminal. When the indicator LED flashes blue, swipe your Easycard to complete the return. The screen will display the fare and deduct from the value stored on your Easycard.

How much does it cost?
YouBike is priced at NT$10 per 30 minutes of usage, with Easycard users getting 30 minutes of each trip for FREE when originating in New Taipei City! It is essentially possible to cross all of Taipei by YouBike for free.

For single rentals via credit card, after the computer system finishes ID authentication/authorisation, select a YouBike from the kiosk, pick up your bicycle at the selected parking pole within 90 seconds, and enjoy cycling about the city!

For members and one-time users alike, YouBike is reasonably priced at NT$10 per 30 minutes. YouBike members will however get the first 30 minutes of each trip (originating in New Taipei City) FREE to encourage wider use of energy-efficient, zero-carbon vehicles.

For longer rental durations there is a price increase. Under 4 hours, each 30 minute block is charged NT$10. Between 4-8 hours, each 30 minute block is charged NT$20. Over 8 hours, each 30 minute block is charged NT$40.