Lehua Night Market 樂華夜市

Lehua Night Market
Lèhuá Yèshì
Why Should I Go?

Arguably one of the best night markets in New Taipei City and conveniently located just over the bridge from Taipei City proper in nearby Yonghe District, Lehua Night Market is a favorite of many residents of the city. Another not-really-for-tourists night market, Lehua has seemingly the perfect mix of restaurants, snack stalls, shopping, and entertainment, and is far wider and easier to navigate than other night markets.

Due to neighbour complaints, Lehua Night Market is in danger of being closed down. Visit now before it's too late!

The market primarily sits on Yongping Road (永平路) and also runs along various side streets stretching off the main road.

Offering a large range of food options, you will definitely find something to fill you up!

How to Get There?
What Else?

Yonghe is well known for its Yonghe Doujiang (永和豆漿), a type of sweet soy-milk drink commonly had for breakfast, famous all over Taiwan, mainland China, and Chinese communities all over the world. Make sure to buy some during your visit in Yonghe!