Lengshuikeng (冷水坑)

Lengshuikeng Hot Spring (冷水坑溫泉)
Lengshuikeng Hot Spring (冷水坑溫泉)
Lěngshuǐ Kēng
Why Should I Go?

Although translated into English as cold water pit, the hot springs at Lengshuikeng are still quite hot, albeit cooler than others in the area, making visiting the area great for those curious about hot springs but not wanting to sit in 40°C water.

The area is a popular rest spot for visitors hiking or touring Yangmingshan National Park, and houses a visitor centre, small restaurant/café, a formal hot spring building (where visitors are separated into genders and must enter nude), as well as an outdoor foot-soaking pool very accessible from the main road. All hot springs are free for the public.

Visitors are recommended to try the foot soaking pool for a quick hot spring experience.

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How to Get There?

Hotels Located Nearby

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What Else?

A recreation centre with refreshments is located in the lower level of the tourist centre.

Menghuan Pond (夢幻湖) is located close by.

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: 9:00 am-4:30 pm