Meishu Park (美術公園)

Happy Dragon Boat Duanwu Festival (端午節)!

In Taiwan, Monday and Tuesday this week are public holidays.

Meishu Park (美術公園)
Meishu Park (美術公園)
Meishu Park
Měishù Gōngyuán
Why Should I Go?

A large park located in northwestern Kaohsiung City, Meishu Park is home to the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (高雄市立美術館) and the Kaohsiung Children's Museum of Art (高雄兒童美術館).

How to Get There?

Kaohsiung Bus
The museum is served by the following routes:
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (Art Park) - R32, R33, 168 East or West, 73
Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital - 205
Da-yung Senior high school - 38, 218, 245

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