National Taiwan Science Education Center (國立台灣科學教育館)

National Taiwan Science Education Center 國立台灣科學教育館

National Taiwan Science Education Center
Guólì Táiwān Kēxué Jiàoyùguǎn
Why Should I Go?

Housing over 600 exhibits, The National Taiwan Science Education Center is a multi-storey science museum located in Taipei City nearby the Children's Amusement Park and Shilin Night Market (士林夜市).

The upper levels of the museum are home to permanent exhibitions about life sciences such as biology, zoology, and biodiversity, as well as material sciences such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

The B1 Level of the museum contains several entertainment attractions, including Turbo-Ride 3D Theatre, 3D Theatre, Earthquake Theatre, Kids Learning and Discovery Playground, Science Laboratory, and a conference room.

Simple Floor Guide:
  • 1F - Lobby
    The main information desk is located in the center of this large, open-air lobby. Services include general information assitance, members services, wheelchair and baby carriage rental, and lost & found. Ticketing is off to the sides, and a shop with a convenience store is located near the special exhibition ticketing area.
  • 2F - Shop & Food Court
    The second floor is a large rest area with a few choices for dining.
  • 3-4F - Life Science Exhibition Hall
    These floors are home to the four life science-related exhibitions: Mystery of Life, Mystery of the Body, Biodiversity, and People and Environment. There are also several smaller exhibitions and attractions such as the Tour of the Digestive System and The World of Frogs and Insects.
  • 5-6F - Material Science Exhibition Hall
    The fifth floor houses the most popular exhibitions, including Exploring the World of Physics, Exploring the World of Chemistry, and the Science Playground, with several smaller exhibitions and experiments. The sixth floor focuses more on mathematics and helps visitors to view mathematics in a more entertaining way. The other main exhibition is about the ecology of Taiwan.
  • 7-8F - Special Exhibition Hall
    This floor is reserved for special exhibitions that present topics related to science and technology.
  • 9F - Library and Conference Hall
How to Get There?

The museum is located in Shilin District of Taipei City (台北市) nearby Shilin Night Market (士林夜市), Taipei Children's Amusement Park (兒童樂園), and the Taipei Astronomical Museum.

What Else?
Ticket Prices for Exhibitions and Attractions:
Category Adult Discount Senior (65+)
Permanent Exhibition NT$100 NT$70 Free
Turbo-Ride 3D Theatre NT$100 NT$70 NT$50
3D Theatre NT$100 NT$70 NT$50
Earthquake Theatre NT$20
Kids Learning and
Discovery Playground
NT$60 NT$40 NT$30
Sky Cycling NT$80 NT$50 Free
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday:
9:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday:
9:00 am-6:00 pm