Taipei Main Station 台北車站

Taipei Main Station
Táiběi Chēzhàn
Why Should I Go?

Widely considered the centre of Taipei City, Taipei Main Station is the main transportation hub for both the city and for northern Taiwan.

Originally opened as Taipei Railway Station in 1891, the complex is one of the most popular meeting places in Taipei City. The area surrounding the station is primarily a commercial district very popular with tourists, students, and commuters as Taipei Main Station is the primary interchange station for the city.

Many visitors choose to stay in a hotel nearby Taipei Main Station.

Taipei Main Station is home to the following transportation services:

※ Please note that KuoKuang busses to Taoyuan Airport (桃園機場, TPE) are now leaving from East Exit 3 (東3).

Shopping facilities located in and around Taipei Main Station are:

Multiple shopping malls and department stores branch off from Taipei Main Station in all directions.

At the front of the station (south side) is the old downtown of Taipei City as well as Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越). The Station Front Metro Mall (Letter Z exits) runs under Zhongxiao West Road heading west towards Taipei Old North Gate Beimen (台北府城北門, 承恩門) past the Kuo-Kuang Bus Station. The Taipei New World Mall is also an underground mall located in the southern part of the station grounds (Letter K exits).

At the rear of the station (north side) is the beginning of the historic Datong District. The Zhongshan Metro Mall is an underground mall that stretches from the station up to Zhongshan MRT station (Letter R exits). The Taipei City Mall is another underground mall (Letter Y exits) that stretches from the northern gate of the station west under Civic Boulevard (市民大道). The Taipei Long Distance Bus Station and Q-Square Mall are located across the street and accessible from the underground.

How to Get There?

By High Speed Rail:
Taipei Station (台北) is the second station along this line heading south, after Nangang in the east of the city.

By Airport MRT:
Taipei Station (A1) is the first station along the line, with both express and commuter local services out west towards Taoyuan International Airport. Flight check-in is available from 6AM to 9:30PM up to 3 hours before scheduled flight time at level B1 for the following airlines: China Airlines (華航, CI), EVA Air (長榮, BR), Mandarin Airlines (華信, AE), UNI Air (立榮, B7), Cathay Pacific/Dragon (國泰/港龍, CX/KA), AirAsia (亞洲航空, D7, AK, Z2, FD, DJ). In-town check-in is not available for single passengers who are children under 12 years of age, organised tour groups, oversized luggage, or flights to Canada.

What Else?

Luggage locker services are available in B1 of the station. Two sizes are available, medium costing NT$20 per hour, and small costing NT$10 per hour. Medium-sized lockers can fit a large gym bag or small suitcase. Lockers can only be opened and closed once, and the user must pay exact change. Service closes at midnight, maximum rental period is 1 day (24 hours), and after 24 hours, items will be held by staff and continue to be charged for up to 30 days. If the locker PIN code is lost, there is a NT$200 fee. Lockers are also available at Taipei Long Distance Bus Station, Q-Square (京站).