Zhishan Art Center 至善藝文中心

Zhishan Art Center (至善藝文中心)
Zhishan Art Center (至善藝文中心)
Zhishan Art Center
Zhìshàn Yìwén Zhōngxīn
Why Should I Go?

Opened by the Taiwan Soka Association, the Zhishan art centre is home to a series of exhibitions under the theme Searching for the Root of Culture -- Constructing the Centennial History of Taiwanese Arts, along with 9 other art centres around the island.

The exhibitions were curated to "contribute to society by being a good citizen in one's country and community" by the organisation, part of the Japanese Sōka Gakkai, and designed to invite the community to share in the arts. The museum spans across 2 floors of exhibition space, worth a quick check for those interested in local Taiwanese art. Admission is free.

How to Get There?

The Zhishan Art Center is located across the street from the National Palace Museum (Gugong).