Bitan 碧潭

Why Should I Go?

Named Green Lake in Chinese, this park is a great getaway from the city. Only 40 minutes away from Taipei Main Station at the southern terminus of the MRT green line, Xindian Station (新店), this riverfront park is home to a wide variety of restaurants and is a great place to relax.

Besides the ample choices for food at the riverfront, the interior road is home to a night market selling a variety of Taiwanese and pan-Chinese snacks, called xiǎochī (小吃), as well as select favorites from all over the world.

Spanning over the Xindian River is the Bitan Suspension Bridge connecting the two neighborhoods on the east and west side of the creek, making it one of the landmarks of New Taipei City. 200 meters long, the bridge was completed in 1936, the bridge is unique in that it is illuminated by light beams that change in color, creating a random effect and mini light-show.

The area along the east bank is home to a large amount of restaurants and food shops, carnival activities, park amenities, as well as paddle boat rentals. Grab some snacks and jump in a boat with some friends!

How to Get There?

Although there is a station named Xiaobitan (小碧潭), this station is primarily for commuters and does not provide access to the Bitan scenic area.

What Else?

Visiting Bitan is a great ending to a Wulai day trip. After visiting the aboriginal village and soaking in the hot springs, head over to Bitan for a riverfront dinner and great atmosphere. The bus for Wulai stops at MRT Xindian Station, directly next to Bitan.

Other attractions in the area include the Xindian Ferry Point, Liugongzun Monument Water Park, Mt. Shitou (Hiking Trail), Kaitian Temple, Xindian Creek Bike Path, Great Buddha Temple, Mt. Hemei Trail, Haicang Temple, and Taiping Temple.