Clothing Shopping Outlet in Wufenpu 五分埔

Why Should I Go?

The undisputed best place in Taipei for crazy bargain apparel and accessory shopping, Wufenpu is now more accessible than ever thanks to the new MRT station at Songshan.

A maze of lanes and alleys full of racks of clothing, Wufenpu is a gigantic outlet that carries literally everything. Primarily stocking women's apparel and accessories, it's possible to walk out of there with a full new wardrobe in just a few hours while spending almost nothing. No joke.

Originally belonging to the Aboriginal Ketagalan (凱達格蘭族) people, the land was purchased by five Fujianese families, renaming the area Wufenpu, or five tracts of land, and was primarily farm land until after World War II in 1958 when the land was used to relocate people who were affected by a typhoon that flooded Taipei City, nearby Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市).

The area became home to garment makers, who would commonly operate shops on the first floor while residing upstairs. Today, the area is still the largest garment district in Taipei City, now specializing in outlet-style shops.

Like most markets in Taiwan, hours of operation for various shops are usually very flexible, generally opening after noon and staying open until there are no customers left, most commonly around 10PM to midnight. Monday is the day most shops are busy restocking and dealing with outside vendors, so it is recommended to visit on a Tuesday to get the first chance to see new products, or visit on a Sunday to maybe catch discounts on unsold merchandise. Why not visit on both days? :-)

How to Get There?
What Else?

Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市) is located close-by and is a must visit destination.

Those looking for a flea market for clothing in Taipei City should visit Wufenpu.

Wufenpu may also be written as Wu Fen Pu or wu fen pu.