Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

Why Should I Go?

Famous island-wide as the home for literally hundreds of cats, the Houtong Cat Village is a must-see for cat lovers.

Originally a small coal mining town built during the Japanese era, Houtong attracted over 6,000 workers to the area, producing the highest amount of coal in Taiwan. By the 1990s with the ending of coal industry activities, the town's population began to decline, and is now a mountain town with museums and shops.

In 2008, a local cat lover began to care for abandoned cats in the town, finding and organising volunteers to post photos of the cats online. The public fell in love with the adorable cats and the village once again, reviving the area into a tourist destination.

The village is along the Pingxi Train Line (平溪線), leaving from Ruifang (瑞芳).

How to Get There?