Kaohsiung Yellow Rubber Duck 高雄黃色小鴨

Yellow Rubber Duck (in Kaohsiung)
Gāoxióng de Huángsè Xiǎoyā
Why Should I Go?

The rubber duck is no longer in Kaohsiung! It first moved to the northern end of the island in Keelung, close to Taipei, and is now heading to other places.

The giant, 18-meter inflatable duck was created by Dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman and has been traveling around the Asia-Pacific area.

After previously creating a craze in Hong Kong, the duck visited Glory Harbor (光榮碼頭) in Kaohsiung City.

The duck has proved to be a major tourist draw to Kaohsiung, attracting visitors from all over the island.

The surrounding area is currently still full of vendors hawking duck-related toys, as well as several restaurants, department stores, and other shopping.

The duck visited Kaohsiung from 19 September until 20 October 2014, after which it traveled to Keelung Harbour.

How to Get There?

Kaohsiung MRT - Yanchengpu Station (鹽埕埔, Orange line):
Walk east down Wufu 4th Road (五福四路), and follow the crowd!

Kaohsiung MRT - Central Park Station (中央公園, Red line):
After leaving Exit 1 (and taking lots of photos along the way of this beautiful MRT station), take a left and walk south. At Wufu 3rd Road and Brickyard Beer Garden (五福三路), make a right turn and walk about 400 meters. Take a left on Yingxiong Rd (英雄路), and you will shortly arrive at Glory Pier (光榮碼頭).

What Else?

The duck is sometimes affectionately called yāyā (鴨鴨) by Taiwanese people.

For more information, visit the official website.

While in Kaohsiung, don't forget to visit the MRT Formosa Boulevard Station (捷運美麗島站).