Ketagalan Culture Center 凱達格蘭文物館, KCC Beitou Aboriginal Museum

Ketagalan Center
Kǎidágélán Wénwùguǎn
Why Should I Go?

The first centre in Taiwan for indigenous peoples, culture, and arts, the museum space in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and B1 floors are dedicated to introducing Taiwanese aboriginal culture to the public, while the upper levels serve the community with conference halls, research classrooms, and the Aboriginal Culture Library.

The museum is located across the street from the Beitou Hot Spring Museum (北投溫泉博物館) nearby the Xinbeitou (新北投) MRT station. Both museums are free.

B1 Art Gallery
Here are permanent displays and special exhibitions of aboriginal cultural artefacts and artwork.

1F Main Hall
Visitors are welcomed to the museum here with a rotating exhibition in the main hall, and souvenir shop off to the left side.

2F Permanent Exhibition Area
Visitiors can learn about the 14 indigenous peoples' social structures, traditions, architecture, culture, and history to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwanese aboriginal people and their shared history with other Austronesian people. Clothing and attire is also on display so that visitors may see how each group designs their own clothing based upon their individual cultures and religions.

3F Permanent Exhibition Area
This hall is home to various cultural and historical artefacts, and can be categorised into 4 groups: contemporary art, living goods and musical instruments, accessories (such as bead ornaments, animal teeth, and horns which represent one's status as a warrior and noble), and articles for religious, spiritual, and ritual use. An exhibit named Cultures of Ping Pu shows the time before the Chinese settlers and Europeans arrived, and also the Ketagalan Culture Exhibition which showcases Aboriginal peoples' early interactions with the Han Chinese, Dutch, and Spanish.

Upper levels of the centre include multifunctional conference halls on 4F and 5F, the Aboriginal Culture Library on 6F, and Research Classrooms on 7F, 8F, and 9F.

How to Get There?

The Ketagalan Culture Center is located in the Beitou Hot Springs (北投溫泉) area.

What Else?

KCC is managed by the Indigenous Peoples Commission of the Taipei City Government.

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday:
9:00 am-5:00 pm