Thermal Valley 地熱谷, Geothermal Hell Valley

Thermal Valley
Dì Rè Gǔ
Why Should I Go?

Historically one of Taiwan's 12 Great Sites, the springs at Thermal Valley have the highest temperatures in the Datun Mountains area, giving off an eerie sulphuric steam that rises from the surface of the pond that plays around in the breeze.

The sight of the steam rising off the surface of the water is quite surreal and beautiful.

The area around Thermal Valley is home to a rare type of rock called hokutolite, named after the Japanese name for Beitou, Hokuto. These rare rocks (also known as Anglesobarite or Beitou rocks) contain the radioactive element Radium, and can only naturally be found in Beitou and Akita Prefecture, Japan.

How to Get There?

Thermal Valley is located in the Beitou Hot Springs (北投溫泉) area.

What Else?

The water temperature in the springs range from 80-100℃ and contains corrosive elements, so visitors are not allowed to bathe in this spring.