Kinmen Airport 金門機場

Kinmen Airport (KNH)
Kinmen Airport (KNH)
Kinmen Aiport
Jīnmén Shàngyì Jīchǎng
Why Should I Go?

An integral piece to the Xiao Santong travel scheme, Kinmen Airport is the gateway to the offshore island of Kinmen, the closest R.O.C. territory to mainland China.

How to Get There?

By Air:
From Taipei Songshan Airport, take a flight to Kinmen Airport. Flights range in price from NT$1,150 up to NT$1,950 each way, and frequently sell out over weekends.

What Else?

Ferry services between Kinmen and Fujian Province in mainland China are operational with multiple trips daily between both Kinmen and Xiamen and Kinmen and Quanzhou. At this time, only PRC and ROC nationals are allowed to travel along the Quanzhou route, while all nationalities are allowed to travel to Xiamen's ports. Please be sure to have a PRC (mainland China) visa in your passport before you travel. This route is known as Xiao Santong, and is a very affordable way to travel between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.