Taipei Songshan Airport 台北松山機場

Songshan Airport
Sōngshān Jīchǎng
Why Should I Go?

Located within Taipei City limits, Songshan Airport is a medium-sized airport that primarily serves domestic routes as well as regional flights to South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, and other charter destinations.

Tourists who wish to travel to Taitung, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Green Island, or Orchid Island may find flying from Songshan to their destination to be more convenient than other methods such as train, High Speed Rail, or ferry, and tickets are quite affordable.

The airport consists of two terminals directly adjacent to each other: one for domestic flights and the other for international and mainland China-bound flights.

Flights to mainland China (especially Fujian Province) from Songshan Airport have recently become more affordable and are almost the same fare as those from the larger Taoyuan Airport. More and more travelers are choosing to depart from Songshan due to the airport's convenient location in the city and overall smaller size.

The 3rd Floor of the airport before clearing security is a roof-top observation deck where visitors can view the airport grounds and flights landing and taking off.

Songshan Airport's IATA code is TSA.

Songshan Airport is also the name of a station along the Brown Line 1 of the Taipei MRT.

The following destinations outside Taipei City are reachable from Songshan airport by bus:
Leofoo Village Theme Park (六福村) - Bus Lot 5, Route 5350
Taiwan Taoyuan Airport (台灣桃園國際機場) Direct - Bus Lot 6, Route 1840 (Kuo-Kuang, NT$125) or Bus Lot 7, Route 5502 (Free Go Bus, NT$140)
Keelung (基隆) - Bus Lot 5, Route 1802
Dayuan (Taoyuan) - Bus Lot 5, Routes 1841, 1842 or Bus Lot 8, Route 5250

How to Get There?

Getting to or from Songshan Airport in Taipei City is extremely convenient.

Besides taxi (which probably won't exceed NT$300 to anywhere within the city), the airport is served by numerous bus services and the Taipei MRT.

What Else?

There are two airports in the Taipei Area, Taoyuan and Songshan airports. While the majority of commonly purchased tickets depart from Taoyuan Airport, flights to regional destinations such as South Korea, Japan, mainland China, or other charter destinations may depart from Songshan. Please double check your reservation before going to the airport.

To find flight status information, visit the Taipei Songshan airport website.