Luzhou Night Market 蘆洲夜市

Luzhou Night Market
Lúzhōu Yèshì
Why Should I Go?

Officially named Luzhou Temple Commercial District (蘆洲廟口形象商圈) due to its proximity to two relatively large temples, the market is situated mainly at the intersection of Desheng Street and Chenggong Road (德勝路成功路口), and continues away from the intersection on both streets.

At the center of the market is the beautiful YongLian Temple (湧蓮寺), a Buddhist temple frequently visited especially during Chinese New Year where families will come to pray for good blessings during the new year. At the edge of the market is Baohe Temple (保和宮), a Taoist temple.

How to Get There?
What Else?

Luzhou Night Market is a little further away from the core of Taipei City, and tourists, especially foreign, rarely visit. If you are interested in visiting a smaller night market with no tourists whatsoever, Luzhou Night Market is a good choice.

This market is seemingly a motorcycle freeway, so watch out for your safety.

Expect there to be no English signage or menus, so use your best Chinese or sign language! As is the rule with most of Asia, the younger a person is, the more likely they are to speak English.

Just outside the market to the north is the Forbidden City Museum (紫禁城博物館), a Buddhist museum set inside of a beautiful garden.