Wenhua North Street Night Market 文化北路夜市

Wenhua North Street
Wénhuà Běilù
Why Should I Go?

Similar to its big brother, Sanhe Night Market (三和夜市), Wenhua Night Market is primarily a local night market not expressly for tourism. The flavor of this market is more southern-influenced, as a large percentage of Sanchong residents are originally from the south of Taiwan.

Wenhua Night Market offers very few shopping opportunities as its primarily focus is food, especially a very large variety of Taiwanese snacks (小吃, xiâochī). Those interested in shopping after grabbing a quick bite can head one block over to Sanhe Night Market.

How to Get There?
What Else?

The primary language spoken around the night market is Taiwanese, not Mandarin. Although all vendors will understand Mandarin (or sign language!), the atmosphere gives a small taste of southern Taiwan.

This market is not a pedestrian street and is also shared with traffic, and both ends are conveniently located next to MRT stations.

This street has very lax traffic regulation. Please be careful of your safety, especially around motorcycles.

Be sure to head over and check out the 'big brother' market, Sanhe Night Market (三和夜市), located one block over to the east.