Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall (林口三井 Outlet)

Mitsui Outlet Park Shopping Mall Linkou 林口三井 Outlet

Mitsui Outlet Park
林口三井 Outlet
林口三井 Outlet
Línkǒu Sānjǐng Outlet
Why Should I Go?

The newest shopping mall in the Taipei metro area located in Linkou District west of Taipei City, Mitsui Outlet Park is a large outlet mall operated by the Japanese Mitsui Group (三井グループ).

The mall can be roughly divided into two sections, IN MALL and OUT MALL. The IN MALL section is indoors and contains a wide array of shops and large food court area as well as supermarket, while the OUT MALL section is outdoors and extends outward from the Centre Plaza (中央廣場) in a loop. Both sections are 2 stories and converge nearby the plaza area.

How to Get There?

Mitsui operates a free shuttle bus at 20-30 minute intervals between the outlet and the following locations: MRT Yuanshan, MRT Taipei Bridge, MRT Xinzhuang, MRT Nanshijiao, MRT Xinpu, HSR Taoyuan, schedule info here (only in Chinese).