Presidential Office Building

Presidential Office Building
Zǒngtǒng Fǔ
Why Should I Go?

Originally built to serve as the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period, the Presidential Office Building is one of the most recognizable buildings in Taiwan. During World War II, the building sustained damage from Allied forces, and was restored after the war to serve as the office of the Governor-General of Taiwan province and military affairs office, and following the Chinese Civil War, the building began to serve as the Presidential Office Building of the Kuomintang leadership in Taipei.

Located nearby Taipei Main Station, Ximending, 228 Park, and the National Taiwan Museum, the Presidential Office is very convenient to visit, and is a great addition to a city tour.

Be sure to take a tour of the Presidential Office, and learn more about Taiwan's colonial past and cultural heritage, as well as Taiwan's cultural and political development over the past 60 years.

How to Get There?
What Else?

The Office of the President has very confusing visitor's hours. To get the most up-to-date information, visit the Office of the President's website.

Directly in front of the Presidential Office lies Ketagalan Boulevard (凱達格蘭大道), one of the main gathering points for political protests and organized parades in Taipei. The most common route is a circular loop passing through Ximen and beginning and ending on Ketagalan Boulevard, generally with events and opening/closing ceremonies happening right outside the Presidential Office Building.