Shimen Cave 石門洞

Shimen Stone Arch
Shímén Dòng
Why Should I Go?

Located at the most northern point of Taiwan Island, Shimen Stone Arch is a natural formation and a great place to take a break during a trip around Taiwan's North Coast.

One of the natural wonders along Taiwan's North Coast, the Shimen Stone Arch was long ago regarded as the northern-most gate to Taiwan Island.

There are trails along the edges of the gate, allowing visitors to climb to the top.

Besides the gate, the area is also home to a small beach that fills up with different types of pools according to the tide.

The park surrounding the area is very suitable to fly kites due to the winds from the open ocean, and has become a special local culture since the year 2000 with the annual Shimen International Kite Festival at the nearby Laomei Kite Park.

How to Get There?