Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Sōngshān Wénchuàng Yuánqū
Why Should I Go?

One of Taipei's largest creative arts spaces, this complex sits on the grounds of a former tobacco factory established by the Japanese. In 2011, the Taipei City government finished renovations of the area, changing the space into a large public park with exhibition halls, art shows, and conference spaces. An Eslite is located at the northern end of the complex, housing a large bookstore, creative works shopping mall, vinyl records store, and a large number of shops in which guests can participate in creative art workshops (known in Taiwan as DIY) or request custom pieces.

Most exhibition halls and shops are located within the old tobacco factory, at the center of which is a large, beautiful Baroque Garden where guests can stroll or relax.

When the factory was in operation, it was also home to its employees and provided accommodation and food services, as well as education opportunities and nursery services. Today, those spaces have been modernized while retaining their original purposes, inviting guests to explore Taiwan's history and culture during the Japanese occupation era.

Outside the factory is a large pond which has been modernized to become an Ecology Pond, where visitors can experience wildlife and learn about local species native to northern Taiwan.

How to Get There?
What Else?

The complex is also home to the Taiwan Design Center (台灣創意設計中心), home to Taiwan's creative industry, created to cultivate Taiwanese talent and promote the Designed in Taiwan label.

Since the park's exhibition halls close at 6PM, it is recommended to first visit the park, then head over to the northern end and visit the Taipei New Horizon (Eslite Bookstore) shopping complex.

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday:
9:00 am-6:00 pm