Taroko Buluowan (太魯閣布洛灣)

Taroko Buluowan 太魯閣布洛灣

Why Should I Go?

The middle point for most visitors coming to Taroko National Park just before Swallow Grotto (燕子口, Yanzikou), Buluowan is a large hill-top terrace home to a grassland great for a picnic and resting as well as the Buluowan Service Station and several exhibition halls where visitors can learn about aboriginal culture and specifically the Taroko tribe after which the gorge and park are named.

Previously settled by two aboriginal tribes, the Shisanhang and the Truku (Taroko), Buluowan terrace is one of the few habitable flatland areas near to the Taroko Gorge.

The Leader Village Taroko Hotel is located on the upper terrace of Buluowan. This hotel is unique in that it is run by local Truku Aboriginal natives, and stays include food and entertainment as well as great lodging in private mountain-top bungalows. The bungalows are especially suitable for groups and families, and consistently receives high ratings.

Lower Terrace (下台地):

The Buluowan Visitor Centre (服務諮詢中心) provides a multimedia exhibition for up to 80 guests teaching visitors about the Buluowan area. Nearby is a small souvenir and shops offering refreshments.

The Taroko Handcrafts Exhibit (太魯閣工藝展示館) is a hall containing both prehistoric artefacts such as stone tools as well as Taroko aboriginal arts such as weaving and basket-making. A craft shop is located close by offering handmade products, books, weavings, beadwork, pottery, and jewellery.

The Meander Core Trail (環流丘步道) leads north over the Sipan Tunnel (溪畔隧道) towards a rest area and the Overlook Platform next to the Liwu River where visitors can view the Sipan Dam section of the river as well as the eastern edge of Swallow Grotto. This level walkway is circular and takes around 20 minutes to complete. Interesting flora along this trail include the Formosa Lily, Azalea, Subsostate Crape Myrtle, and the Formosan Ash.

The E. Das Hall (伊達斯廳) is home to a free multimedia exhibition titled Taroko - The Land of Diversity, and is scheduled for showings daily at 10AM, 11AM, 2PM, and 3PM. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the show. The hall is closed on the first and third Monday of each month.

Along the Firethorn Trail (狀元紅步道) are Formosa Firethorn trees which bloom in April and May and whose white flowers resemble the Mumeplant Japanese Apricot. The trees produce bright red and yellow fruits in late fall which attract high-mountain birds during the winter.

Past the Greenhouse (溫室), the Buluowan-Swallow Grotto Trail (布洛灣~燕子口步道) is a forest-covered, relaxing walk back down to the main road PH8 landing next to Swallow Grotto. The trail is 400 metres in length covering 120 metres in elevation, taking around 15 minutes to walk.

Upper Terrace (上台地):

The Bamboo Groves Trail (竹林步道) is a trail circling the Buluowan upper terrace where visitors can view the Bamboo Forest (桂竹林) and well as an interesting sight of a large rock being completely embraced by the Strangling Figs Tree (樹抱石, or tree hugs rock in Chinese).

Mountain Moon Village (山月村小木屋) is a collection of wooden cottages up on the upper terrace of Buluowan. These cottage bungalows are managed by the Leader Village Taroko Hotel.

What Else?

The Buluowan Service Station (布洛灣管理站) engages in native plant species restoration work, with each season bringing a different focus:
Spring - Taiwan lily
Summer - Paired Flower St. John’s Wart
Autumn - Golden spider lily
Winter - Taitung firethorn (with bright red fruit)