Taroko Jinheng Bridge (靳恆橋)

Taroko Jinheng Bridge 靳恆橋

Jinheng Bridge
Jìnhéng Qiáo
Why Should I Go?

Jinheng Bridge is located within Taroko National Park along route PH8, next to Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou).

Crossing the Ludan River (魯丹溪), the bridge measures at 82M in length and 11M wide. Originally built in 1960, after Typhoon Amber in 1997 the bridge was destroyed, and construction of a new bridge built from reinforced concrete was completed in 2003.

The bridge and neighbouring park are named in memory of Jin Heng, an engineer involved with designing the Cross-Island Highway who was killed by falling rocks after an earthquake. The original name of the bridge was Bailong Bridge (白龍橋, White Dragon Bridge).