Taroko Lüshui Trail Entrance (太魯閣綠水步道入口)

Taroko Lüshui Trail 太魯閣綠水步道

Lüshui Trail
Lǜshuǐ Bùdào
Why Should I Go?

Originally built as part of the main road during the Japanese era, the Lüshui trail is located inside Taroko National Park running through the forest area between the Lüshui Geological Exhibition Hall and Heliu Campground.

Along the cliff-side trail overlooking the Liwu River (立霧溪), visitors can view fantastic forest, cliff, and gorge scenery, as well as interesting plants growing along the cliff face including the rare Taroko Oak, and maybe the chance to see a Formosan macaque monkey up close!

During the autumn and winter seasons, the red and yellow colourful leaves of the green Oliver’s Maple, Formosan Sweet Gum, and the Crape Myrtle are visible along the trail, and medium elevation birds can be seen and heard as they migrate into this region.

The length of the scenic type trail is 2KM and takes around 1 hour to walk. There is a 30M un-lit tunnel section along the route. Use of a flashlight or mobile phone LED light is recommended for this section.

What Else?

The Lüshui Trail is an excellent place for birdwatching. Some species that can be found along the route include the mountain birds Taiwan Bulbul, Black Bulbul, Muller’s Barbet, and the Grey Treepie which can be seen year round. Near the river areas are the Plumbeous Water Redstart, Japanese White-eye, and the Taiwan Whistling Thrush whose call sound can be easily identified as it sounds similar to a car braking sharply. Crested Serpent Eagles sometimes fly above and can be identified by a kii kii kii piercing calling sound. In the autumn and winter, medium elevation birds such as the Taiwan Yuhina, White-eared Sibia, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Green-backed Tit, Yellow Tit, and Red-headed Tree Babble migrate to this area.