Taroko Lüshui 太魯閣綠水

Why Should I Go?

The Lüshi area of Taroko National Park is located between Swallow Grotto and Tianxiang Village.

A river terrace formed by the Liwu River (立霧溪) and previously the site of the Tuoyou’en Village of the Taroko aboriginal tribe, the area was also home to the first original headquarters of the park when the park was established in 1986. The current park headquarters is located close to the eastern entrance nearby Xincheng.

Currently, the terrace area is home to the Geological Exhibition Hall, tourist service station, a scenic platform for visitors to view the river and gorge, as well as access to the Lüshui Trail and Lüshui-Wenshan Trail.

The area is important historically and culturally as it is the intersection of the original route built in 1915 by the Japanese to connect the Taroko tribe areas stretching from Xincheng (near the train station) to Tianxiang village and the Cross-Island Highway PH8, with the old road running above the highway alongside the mountain cliff face. Part of the old road has been restored and opened as the Lüshui Trail.