Taroko Tianxiang Plum Garden 太魯閣天祥梅園

Taroko Tianxiang Plum Garden (太魯閣天祥梅園)
Taroko Tianxiang Plum Garden (太魯閣天祥梅園)
Tianxiang Plum Garden
Tiānxiáng Méiyuán
Why Should I Go?

Located in Tianxiang Village towards the centre of Taroko National Park, the Plum Garden is a collection of prunus mume plum blossom trees.

The prunus mume may also be known as the Chinese plum or Japanese apricot, and although it shares traits with both the plum and apricot, it is closer in relation to the apricot and is frequently used in East Asian cooking, a flavouring for alcohols, as well as traditional medicine.