Taroko Pudu Bridge (太魯閣普渡橋)

Taroko Pudu Bridge 太魯閣普渡橋

Pudu Bridge
Pǔdù Qiáo
Why Should I Go?

Located just across from Tianxiang Village in Taroko National Park, the Pudu Bridge connects the main road PH8 to the Xiangde Temple.

Measured at 88M in length, the bridge was assembled by using long steel beams fastened with 1,750 specially engineered screws. Due to the steep walls on both sides of the Liwu River (立霧溪), the bridge’s construction is an engineering achievement.

Originally a suspension bridge, due to the danger presented by frequent earthquakes and typhoons, the bridge was reinforced with concrete to provide additional strength.

The bridge is the only pedestrian-exclusive traffic bridge in Taroko National Park.