Teapot Mountain 茶壺山, Tea Pot Cha Hu Shan

Teapot Mountain
Cháhú Shān
Why Should I Go?

One of Northeast Taiwan's most beautiful (and difficult!) trails, Tea Pot Mountain actually looks like a tea pot!

The entrance to the trail is located at the backside of the Jinguashi Gold Museum (free entry).

After reaching the end of the trail, many hikers choose to continue along to the next peak at Banpingshan (半平山).

How to Get There?

Teapot mountain is located in Jinguashi, next to Jiufen (九份) and Ruifang (瑞芳).

What Else?

While the climb up the mountain is relatively straight-forward, coming back down the mountain can be slightly disorienting for those not familiar with the area. Using a smartphone with mapping software is recommended to stay on track.

Teapot Mountain may also be known as Chahu Shan.