Dadaocheng Wharf 大稻埕碼頭

Dadaocheng Wharf
Dàdàochéng Mǎtóu
Why Should I Go?

Functioning primarily now as a ferry port, in the past Dadaocheng was one of the main shipping ports for Taipei City.

After Tamsui was opened as a commercial port, Dadaocheng, a pier much closer to the downtown Taipei area, began growing as foreign merchants began setting up satellite offices of their Tamsui operations, specialising in tea, cotton, and silk textile trade. This growth attracted people from all over northern Taiwan, fuelling its growth into one of Taiwan's largest cities at the time.

During the Japanese era after railway connections were built between Taipei and both Tamsui and Keelung, the importance of the pier declined, and the city of Dadaocheng was absorbed into Taipei City's Datong District.

In 2005, the Taipei City government put new life into the area, designating it as a city park with new bicycle paths and generating tourism in the area. Visitors have a chance to enjoy a stroll or bike ride along the river and experience a taste of history. The pier is also home to a yearly fireworks show taking place over the Tamsui River.

Just outside the wharf area is the historic Dihua Street marketplace district, running north-south from the Yongle Fabric Market (永樂布業商場) towards the Dalongdong Cultural and Historical District (大龍峒) and Taipei Confucius Temple (台北市孔廟).

Of particular interest to travelers is the fact that Dadaocheng is a functioning ferry pier. Traveling to/from Tamsui by ferry is a unique experience, and can help travelers avoid the crowding on the MRT during rush hour. Tamsui ferry service is only available on weekends, and it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance as they sell out frequently. Ferry service to Zhongxiao Ferry Pier (in Sanchong) and Huajiang Ferry Pier (in Banqiao) is available multiple times daily for a fare of NT$15. Several other ferry and party boat services also depart from Dadaocheng.

How to Get There?

By Ferry:
Dadaocheng Wharf is located along a busy ferry route that services Taipei City up to Tamsui. Take a ferry across to Zhongxiao Wharf, up to Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, or, even better, take the ferry back after a long day in Tamsui.

What Else?

Dihua Street (迪化街) is a famous historical street located next to the pier housing shops selling dried goods and snacks, particularly popular around Chinese New Year. The street also houses Xiahai Chenghuang Temple (霞海城隍廟) which celebrates a festival honouring the birthday of its patron god each year.

In the past, merchants from this area would be entertained at the Taipei Story House nearby Yuanshan.

Dadaocheng is also the home of many charter tour and party boats. For more information, please visit, or directly visit the pier to check out the numerous packages and tours. The Guandu Wharf and Temple Area is also located along this ferry route.

Dadaocheng may be spelled Tataocheng on older signage.