Wushigang Beach, Wai'ao - Surfing Spot (烏石港, 外澳)

Happy Dragon Boat Duanwu Festival (端午節)!

In Taiwan, Monday and Tuesday this week are public holidays.

Surfing Spot (烏石港)
Surfing Spot (烏石港)
Wushigang (Wai'ao Station)
烏石港 (外澳站)
乌石港 (外澳站)
Wūshígǎng (Wàiào Zhàn)
Why Should I Go?

Northeast Taiwan's most popular surfing spot, Wushigang is perhaps best known for its fine, volcanic-black sand, great waves, and neighbouring fishing harbour.

Dotted along the beach are tents set up by local businesses that offer surfing-related services such as rentals and instruction as well as just a place to chill out with some friends.

How to Get There?

The beach is located just north of Wushigang Harbour (烏石港).

Since this beach is located in Yilan County a bit outside Taipei City, there are a few different ways to get there.

FASTEST By Intercity Bus:
From MRT Lines 1 5 Nangang Exhibition Center (南港展覽館), take Kuo-Kuang bus 1877 to Wushi Port, fare NT$120 one-way, NT$220 roundtrip.

Via Jiaoxi Hot Spring Village (宜蘭礁溪):
Take the MRT Brown Line 1 to Technology Building (科技大樓). Exit the station, cross the street, and turn right. After walking for a few minutes, on the left side is the Kamalan bus station (pictured here). After arriving in Jiaoxi (礁溪), take a taxi to Wushigang.

Hotels Located Nearby

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