Fulong Beach 福隆海水浴場

Why Should I Go?

Fulong Beach is located adjacent to Fulong Village at the mouth of the Shuang River in Gongliao District of New Taipei City. Frequently visited by Taipei residents during the summer due to its easy access from the city, Fulong is one of the more popular beach destinations in northern Taiwan.

The sand on the beach is golden in colour, a rarity for Taiwan, attracting visitors from all over the island. Sand sculpture art festivals are held at the beginning of the summer every year.

The Shuang River divides the beach into two distinct areas connected by the Rainbow Bridge (彩虹橋). The outer portion is essentially an island whose size varies according to the flow of the river and the tide.

Entrance fee for the beach is NT$100 and includes usage of park and beach facilities. Chair, umbrella, and other accessories can be rented from vendors. For an additional NT$87, consider the Golden Fulong Package, which includes a famous biandang (便當) lunch box and unlimited shuttle bus trips between Fulong and Ruifang (瑞芳), via Jiufen (九份). A recommended schedule for the day includes taking the train to Fulong, enjoying lunch and beach time, then taking the shuttle to Jiufen later in the day, from where it is easy to return to Taipei or continue to Keelung (基隆) and the Miaokou Night Market.

There is also a free public beach slightly southeast next to the temple. For tourists it is recommended to visit the private beach as the entrance cost provides additional amenities.

Many visitors ask how to get from Taipei to Fulong? It's most convenient to get to Fulong by taking the train from Taipei Main Station.

How to Get There?
What Else?

Fulong is famous for its boxed lunches (known in Chinese as biàndāng 便當 or in Japanese as bento). Known all over Taiwan and frequently imitated, the original Fulong Biandang is just outside the train station to the left.

Every summer Fulong hosts the three day Hohaiyan Rock Festival (貢寮國際海洋音樂祭), held every July.

Rent a bike and explore the area! Just outside the train station is a bike shop where you can rent a bicycle for the day, prices around NT$100 depending on the bike's quality, age, etc. Cycling around the northeast coast on a nice day is an excellent way to take in coastal Taiwan's natural beauty.

Take a journey through the Old Caoling Railway Tunnel. After exiting the railway station, take a right down the lane to enter the tunnel. After a 10 minute bike ride you will emerge on the east coast with a great view of the Pacific Ocean and a stunning view of Turtle Island (龜山島). Although the tunnel is lit, please take precaution and turn on your lights and allow others to see you approaching.

Fulong may also be spelled as Fu Long.