How to get to Taoyuan airport

No matter where you are in Taiwan, it's pretty easy to get to Taoyuan airport. Located in the northern part of Taiwan about 40 minutes outside Taipei City, Taoyuan International Airport is home to a large bus terminal, nearby High Speed Rail station, a soon-to-be-opened MRT link with Taipei and Taoyuan, and countless taxi and other car services.

Reserve a car online and get a 30% discount, or take a luxury ride for the same price as a taxi:

Up to 4 passengers Toyota Camry - NT$880 one way (30% off taxi fare)

Up to 4 pax Mercedes or 8 pax van - NT$1238 one way (almost same as normal taxi fare)

From Taipei City
Getting to the airport from Taipei City is quick and easy thanks to countless public transit services. We will try to list the most convenient and recommended options here.

Recommended Route
Honestly speaking, if your group has a few people, just take a cab. Taking a taxi to Taoyuan Airport is a flat rate of NT$1000 from anywhere in Taipei if reserved over the telephone. Depending how many people are in your group and your situation, it may be wiser to just cab it instead of trying to find the bus to the airport considering the cab will get right on the highway.
To order a taxi to the airport, call one of the taxi services and request a car by providing them your address. The phone service is in Mandarin, so either bluff your way through or have a friend or hotel staff call. Taiwanese are very friendly, so a new acquaintance or even a stranger will most likely help if you ask politely. The ride should take 30-45 minutes from Taipei City.

The more popular taxi services are 55688 and 55178. Calling 55688 is generally more comfortable as their fleet is mostly Toyota Wish cars (a hatchback similar to a tiny mini-van), and you can jam up to 6 passengers in the car.
Inform the operator you wish to go to Táoyuán Jīchǎng (Taoyuan Airport), and wait for your car number to arrive. Tipping is not necessary, and the fare should be a standard NT$1000 from Taipei City. Most drivers accept common credit cards for payment, but be sure to first check with the driver by asking them if they take "Visa card", which usually means that MasterCard and Japanese JCB is also accepted by the payment system. Chinese Unionpay is also available on some cars.

Public Transit
Besides the Airport MRT (leaving from Taipei Main Station), the most convenient bus to take is the airport bus line 1819 outside Taipei Main Station East Exit 3 (台北車站 東3出口), Kuo Kuang Bus (國光客運), Livery: white, blue, purple). Busses leave frequently and cost NT$140 per ticket.

From Taichung and south towards Kaohsiung

Recommended Route
Most visitors prefer to take the High Speed Rail (HSR) to Taoyuan Station, then change to an airport bus. Check-in facilities are also available for some airlines at the Taoyuan HSR Station.

Please be aware there are two airports in the Taipei area. While most international flights (with the exception of some regional flights to South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, and other commuter services that depart from Songshan Airport) depart from Taoyuan, please be sure you are departing from the correct airport.