Universiade Athlete's Village Travel to/from Taipei City

Held in and around the Taipei City area, the 29th Universiade will take place from 19 August to 30 August, 2017.

There are 38 competition venues, most of which are located in Taipei City or New Taipei City.

The Athlete's Village (AV) is located at the intersection of Wenhua 1st Road and Ren'ai Road in Linkou District of New Taipei City. Chinese Address: 林口 仁愛文化一路口,世大運選手村

Travelling between Athlete's Village and Taipei City

Athletes residing at the village in Linkou may want to visit other areas during downtime. To reach Taipei City, it is easiest to first transfer at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. From the AV to Chang Gung Hospital there are 4 busses, however, these busses are scattered among 3 stations around the AV. When leaving the AV, it is recommended to take bus 786, 822, or 5063 from Linkou Jr. High School Station (outside the AV), or 858 or 898 from Sports Park station, located across from the AV next to the park along Wenhua 1st Road. Get off the bus at Chang Gung Hospital. When traveling back to the AV from Chang Gung Hospital, take 858, 898, 786, 822, 5063, or 920. Athletes may prefer to ride the public bicycle rental Youbike for a distance of 2KM. There are stations at both the Sports Park and the hospital outside the MRT entrance, and riders only need to continue straight along Wenhua 1st Road. Walking takes less than 30 minutes.

From Chang Gung Hospital (MRT station code A8), the most convenient method is to take the Airport MRT metro train express service to Taipei Main Station (Taipei MRT Red and Blue Lines, High Speed Rail, and train service). Alternatively, take bus 936 or 937 to Taipei MRT Yuanshan Station (Red Line, R14), next to the Taipei Expo Park and Dalongdong Cultural District.

When riding public transit or using Youbike service, it is highly recommended to use an Easycard (悠遊卡) stored-value transit card. These cards can be purchased for a low cost at any MRT station, and special-issue cards (such as Pokemon and Hello Kitty-themed cards) may be purchased at convenience stores such as 7/11 or FamilyMart.