Dong Qu (東區, East District)

Dong Qu 東區, East District

Dong Qu
Dōng Qū
Why Should I Go?

Undoubtedly the center of all things Taipei, Dongqu is the area along and just off of Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) between Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

In Chinese, Dōngqū (東區) means Eastern District. Taipei also has a "western district" outside of the west gate, better known as Ximen (西門).

Dongqu's most lively area is outside MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua station on the north side of Zhongxiao East road up to Civic Boulevard (市民大道). Within this tangle of streets and lanes are numerous restaurants, shops, cafés, stores, and small boutiques. Visitors from Singapore may identify Dongqu as a district similar to Orchard Road.

Department stores like Pacific SOGO and Mingyao Department store are located along the main road.

How to Get There?
What Else?

Dongqu is a great place for nightlife, and also has a large array of smaller bars and clubs, all-you-can-drink bars, pubs, and specialty bars.

Xinyi Shopping District is located directly to the east of Dongqu past Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, and is about a 10 minute walk.

Hello Kitty Café is located slightly west of Dongqu, south of Zhongxiao East Road along Da'an Road.