Guanghua Digital Plaza Computer Market 光華數位新天地, 光華商場

Guang Hua Digital Plaza
Guānghuá Shāngchǎng
Why Should I Go?

The largest electronics marketplace in Taiwan, Guanghua is arguably the centre of the booming Taiwanese technology and IT industries. In addition to the main, 6-story building housing everything from PC components to karaoke systems, the lanes and alleys directly south of the complex along Bade Rd are home to countless shops selling literally anything and everything tech.

Prices in Guanghua are industry-standard, fair prices, and are very clearly posted, eliminating the hassle of having to bargain with merchants, although some merchants will offer small upgrades or free accessories to secure your sale due to intense competition within the market.

Next door to the main building at Guanghua is the Syntrend Creative Park (三創數位生活園區), a multi-storey shopping mall designed as more of an exhibition space for technology companies and their latest developments, including a gaming area with VR (virtual reality) experiences.

Be aware that most merchants operate their businesses primarily by cash, and minor service charges may be levied for MasterCard/Visa/Unionpay usage and official receipts.

How to Get There?
What Else?

Although the sheer size of Guanghua Market may be daunting, visitors shouldn't be afraid of not being able to find what they are looking for, as merchants are very polite and helpful.

After shopping, why not take a break at a nearby cafe in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, located across the street from the main bazaar area.