Hualien Matai-an Wetlands (花蓮馬太鞍休閒農場)

Hualien Matai-an Wetlands 花蓮馬太鞍休閒農場, Mataian Ecological Exhibition

Matai'an Wetlands
Mǎtài'ān Xiūxián Nóngchǎng
Why Should I Go?

Located in the centre of the East Rift Valley plains, Matai’an is zoned as a large park where visitors are free to walk around and explore, and this unique wetland environment is popular with student groups studying the area’s land and water plants as well as bird and aquatic life such as frogs and fish.

A natural wetland located in Hualien County created by the Fudeng River and related underground streams in combination with heavy rainfall, Mataian covers an area of roughly a square kilometre.

The Chinese name Matai’an originates from the Amis (Formosan Aboriginal) name “Vataan”, meaning tree bean.

From May to August, lotus blossoms bloom on the lotus pond.

The wetlands have been used by aboriginals for thousands of years for farming and to catch fish in the streams running through the wetlands by a traditional method known as palakau.

How to Get There?

Matai'an is located close to the Taiwan Sugar Factory.