Hualien Tourism Sugar Plant (花蓮糖廠)

Hualien Tourism Sugar Plant 花蓮糖廠

Hualien Tourism Sugar Plant
Huālián Tángchǎng
Why Should I Go?

Originally the site of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s facility in Hualien County, since 2002 the factory has been transformed into a cultural park and leisure complex.

The sugar factory is most well known in Taiwan for its ice cream, which can be purchased near the main square area surrounding the pond.

Decommissioned train tracks run through the grounds of the factory, and several antique steam trains can be found parked along the tracks for visitors to enjoy.

The Japanese-style buildings on the campus completed in the 1940s are frequently used by media production teams for shooting films.

Workers at the factory were given living quarters depending upon their rank. The standard home for a worker’s family was 42.9SQ M, divided into 3 rooms. Built in a Japanese style, each of the seven buildings for employees were divided into 4 units.

How to Get There?

The Hualien Matai-an Wetlands (馬太鞍休閒農場) are located close by.