Lanyu Airport 蘭嶼機場, Orchid Island Airport

Lanyu Airport
Lányǔ Hángkōngzhàn
Why Should I Go?

The primary gateway to visiting Orchid Island (蘭嶼), Lanyu Airport is a small airport located along the west coast of the island. The airport operates daily flights to Taitung (台東, IATA code TTT).

Flights to and from Lanyu Airport on Orchid Island are only scheduled for daytime service.

Many visitors to Taiwan ask how to get to Orchid Island, and if there is flight or ferry service. At the moment, ferry services are suspended, but flights can be booked with the main commercial flight operator: Daily Air (德安航空).

Lanyu Airport on Orchid Island's IATA code is KYD.

How to Get There?

By Air:
From Taitung Airport (台東機場, code TTT), take a Daily Air) flight to Lanyu Airport. Planes flying this route are typically turboprop propellor planes and can carry a maximum of 20 passengers. Be sure to book a ticket as early in advance as possible.

Although English language service is spotty at best, Daily Air posts their flight schedules. Tickets are available for purchase online by credit card or through telephone by calling (07) 801-4711, service hours 8AM-5PM.

What Else?

Due to Orchid Island's remote location and unpredictable weather, flights are often delayed or canceled. When visiting Orchid Island, please be sure to allow for some flexibility with regard to scheduling travel.

The name Lanyu Airport is a romanization of the Chinese name for the island; 蘭嶼 pronounced as Lányǔ.