Qingjing Green Green Grasslands - North Gate and Service Center 青青草原服務中心

Qingjing North Gate
Qīngqīng Cǎoyuán Fúwù Zhōngxīn
Why Should I Go?

Located at the northern and highest-elevated point of Qingjing Farm, the visitor centre at Green Green Grasslands is also a ticket booth and entry point into the park area.

Starting an adventure in Qingjing Farm at this point ensures visitors can limit uphill walking, as this is the highest point in the park.

This gate is close to the sheep-shearing show, and visitors sitting or standing in the hill area behind the stage zone might get a better view of the show. Showtimes are during weekends and holidays at 9:30AM and 2:30PM.

How to Get There?

The North Gate is the northern-most and highest-elevated point of Qingjing Farm.