Taichung Chaoma Long Distance Intercity Bus Station 台中朝馬轉運站

Chaoma Station
Cháomǎ Zhàn
Why Should I Go?

Chaoma Station is the recommended destination and point of departure for visitors in Taichung. Located west of the old downtown in the newly developed Xitun District (西屯) with proximity to National Highway #1, less time can be spent on the road and more time spent exploring the city.

Busses departing from Chaoma Station reach all points in Taiwan, and is a great place to launch an adventure to more hard-to-reach places such as smaller towns in Central and Southern Taiwan, as well as Nantou and Sun Moon Lake.

Travellers intending to visit Taichung's Xitun District need to be clear about purchasing a ticket to Chaoma, as the generic Taichung Station will bring visitors to the train station in the old downtown. Visitors are recommended to take a bus to Chaoma instead of the train station.

Approximate transit time on long distance bus to major cities in Taiwan:

City Duration
Taipei City (Taipei Main Station or Q-Square) 2 ½ HR
Taiwan Taoyuan Intl' Airport (TPE) 2 HR
Tainan City 3 HR
How to Get There?
What Else?

Maple Garden Park is a beautiful city park located right next to Chaoma Bus Station, right across Chaofu Road and visible from the station.

Chaoma Station is located close to Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市).