Taichung City (台中市)

Taichung Citizen Park (台中市民公園)
Taichung Citizen Park (台中市民公園)
Taichung City
Táizhōng Shì
Why Should I Go?

Literally meaning centre of Taiwan, Taichung is located along the west coast of Taiwan, and is widely regarded as the place where northern and southern Taiwanese culture meet. Located just west of Nantou County and Sun Moon Lake (日月潭), Taichung is a great place to not only explore the interesting and unique culture of Central Taiwan (台灣中部), but also a great place to start a journey to more hard-to-reach places in Southern Taiwan.

Visitors coming from Taipei City can immediately see the differences between the two cities, with Taichung having far more space than Taipei: roads are wider, parks are more plentiful, families out having fun are not an uncommon sight, and the city is home to lots of new and interesting construction projects. In stark contrast to the landscape of Taipei City, Taichung's buildings in the more recently developed western parts of the city are more intricately designed for a more modern taste.

Taichung's weather has a reputation for being the most stable (穩定) in Taiwan, meaning most days are sunny and warm, compared to northern Taiwan's frequent rain and southern Taiwan's heat. This favourable weather and availability of space creates a laid-back lifestyle unique to Taichung.

Most visitors to Taiwan have heard of Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市), arguably Taiwan's best night market located in the western part of the city just outside the gates of Feng-Chia University.

The majority of Taichung's development and attractions are located along Taiwan Boulevard (台灣大道), previously known as Taichung Port Rd. (台中港路), however since this name change is very recent, most locals will still refer to the road as simply "Zhōnggǎng Lù". Taiwan Blvd stretches from the train station in the old downtown out through Xitun District in a north-west direction past Chaoma Long Distance Intercity Bus Station (台中朝馬轉運站) toward the Taichung Port.

How to Get There?

By Long Distance Bus from Taipei City:
From Q-Square Long Distance Bus Station next to MRT Taipei Main Station, take a bus to Chaoma (朝馬). Busses to the generic Taichung go to the train station in the old downtown. Visitors are recommended to go to Chaoma.

By High Speed Rail (高鐵, HSR):
Take the HSR to Taichung Station. Please be aware that the HSR station is located on the border of Changhua, and, while faster, is more removed from the city centre. Taking a bus to Chaoma is more convenient.

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