Taroko Xiangde Temple (太魯閣祥德寺)

Taroko Xiangde Temple 太魯閣祥德寺, Hsiang-Te Temple

Xiangde Temple
Xiángdé Sì
Why Should I Go?

Built into the mountainside on the opposite side of the river across the Pudu Bridge from Tianxiang Village in Taroko National Park, the Xiangde Temple is a Buddhist temple from which visitors can enjoy a bird-eye view of Tianxiang and the surrounding area.

This temple is known for having the world's highest-elevated statue of Ksitigarbha (地藏), a bodhisattva revered by East Asians for protecting those in hell (那落迦), as he has vowed not to attain buddhahood until all beings in all hells have been freed. He is generally depicted as a Buddhist monk with a bald head and halo carrying a staff with a Cintāmaṇi jewel at the top (如意寶珠, similar to a philosopher’s stone) to light the dark and force open the gates of hell.

Completed in 1968, the main hall is also surrounded by the Tianfeng Pagoda and a white-robed Guanyin statue.

About halfway up the walk is a merchant area selling local tea and snacks.