Taroko Shakadang Trail and Bridge (太魯閣砂卡噹步道與砂卡噹橋)

Taroko Shakadang Trail and Bridge 太魯閣砂卡噹步道與砂卡噹橋

Why Should I Go?

Following the Shakadang River up past the 5D Cabin and river dam up to the terminus at 3D Cabin, this Level 1 trail is located close to the visitor centre nearby the east gate of Taroko National Park.

The water of the river is a sapphire blue, and the trail provides visitors with views of unique rock formations and folds resembling large paintings, as well as stunning scenery.

Previously known as Mysterious Valley Trail, the trail was renamed to Shakadang in 2001.

Classified as a scenic trail, Shakadang Trail is especially suitable for casual hikers and families as the trail is level and gentle (with the exception of the staircase at the entry and exit).

As the trail winds around and along a mountain face, there may be falling rocks along the way, so use caution and beware of slippery areas due to possible water precipitation.

Landmarks along the trail:
Large Observation Platform (觀景大平台) - Distance 1.1KM, around 50MINS roundtrip
5D Cabin (五間屋, Wujianwu) - Distance 1.5KM, around 1HR roundtrip
River Dam (攔砂壩) - Distance 3.3KM
3D Cabin (三間屋, Sanjianwu) - Distance 4.5KM, around 2-4HR roundtrip

As of October 2015, the trail is only open up to the 5D Cabin due to typhoon damage. From the trailhead at the east side of the bridge, the trip on average takes around 1 hour to complete.

Souvenirs and refreshments can be found nearby the 5D Cabin.

How to Get There?

Shakadang Bridge and Trail is located 1KM past the Taroko National Park Headquarters and Visitor Center (太魯閣國家公園管理處) at the back side of the Shakadang Tunnel.

What Else?

After the first curve is a deep, clear-water pool.

Every May, flowers from the Tung tree along the path naturally bloom, creating a garden-like atmosphere.