Taroko National Park Headquarters and Visitor Center (太魯閣國家公園管理處)

Taroko National Park Headquarters and Visitor Center 太魯閣國家公園管理處

Taroko Park HQ
Tàilǔgé Guǎnlǐchù
Why Should I Go?

Located at the entrance to Taroko National Park next to the East Entrance Arch Gate (東西橫貫公路牌坊), the visitor centre is the best place to understand more about the park area and plan an itinerary for the day.

Considering that shops are limited within the park, the coffee shop located within the upper level of the visitor centre is a great place to stock up on snacks and refreshments for the day.

A small gift shop is located within the visitor centre, selling books and various other souvenirs.

A 12-minute multimedia show titled Taiwan’s Spectacular Gem - Taroko National Park (台灣瑰寶-太魯閣國家公園) is on display several times throughout the day, roughly once per hour.

Visitors are encouraged to consult with park rangers at the information counter at the main entrance about the best way to explore the park.

Facilities and attractions in the Upper Level (上館):

  • Main Entrance
  • Briefing rooms and offices
  • Restrooms and Breast-feeding room
  • Coffee shop
  • Exhibition - Our Environment (生態遊憩館)

Attractions in the Lower Level (下館):

  • Humans and the Environment (人與自然館)
  • Environmental Education Hall (環境教育館)
  • Water Stone Presentation Room (水石播放室)
  • Special Exhibition Hall (特展室)
How to Get There?

If visiting as a day trip, Xincheng Taroko Station is recommended for its proximity to the park's eastern entrance and visitor centre.