Baiyang Trail (天祥白楊步道)

Taroko Tianxiang Baiyang Waterfall Trail 太魯閣天祥白楊步道

Baiyang Trail
Báiyáng Bùdaò
Why Should I Go?

Located just after Tianxiang Village in Taroko National Park, the Baiyang Trail leads to the Baiyang Waterfall and Shuiliandong Water Curtain.

At 2.1KM in length, the trail is a scenic type route that takes around 40 minutes to walk one way. The original route must be taken back to the main road PH8.

The entrance to the trail is located 900M west of Tianxiang Village along route PH8 inside the rock shelter tunnel on the left side, itself a tunnel.

An alternate entrance is located next to the Presbyterian church and Wen Tianxiang Park at the top of the Tianxiang Village terrace before the youth hostel. This route is 2KM longer and takes around 90MINS to join the main trail, however hikers can skip the first tunnel section and enjoy the remains of the original Tapido aboriginal settlement in the area. Be aware this alternative entrance (named Tianxiang Baiyang Trail as compared to the main Baiyang Trail) is more difficult as parts of the trail are steep and may be crumbling. If hiking after a recent rainstorm, be aware of the trail land stability. There is another trail similarly named Tianxiang Trail which leads to the Huoran Pavilion.

The trail was originally built in 1984 by the Taiwan Power Company (台電) as a means to access the rivers to develop hydroelectric power. The plans for damming the river and parts of the gorge were canceled, however the trail remains for visitors to explore.

There are a few unlit, tunnel sections along the route, so be sure to bring a flashlight or use a mobile phone LED to light the path as it may be slippery or rocky.

Due to the amount of water that hikers may come in contact with on the trail, it is advised to prepare rain gear such as a poncho.

The trail runs alongside and nearby the following rivers: Liwu River (立霧溪), Taci Jili River (塔次基里溪), Dasha River (大沙溪), Sanzhan River (三棧溪), and the Wahei’er River (瓦黑爾溪).

Towards the end of the trail, a suspension bridge connects the trail to an observation deck overlooking the river basin.

What Else?

The water around the Shuiliandong Water Curtain (水簾洞) is used as a water source for Tianxiang Village and the surrounding area. Please be respectful.