Bali Left Bank 八里左岸

Bali Left Bank
Bālǐ Zuǒàn
Why Should I Go?

Located along the North Coast along the Tamsui River directly opposite of Tamsui Old Street, Bali Left Bank is a popular retreat for Taipei City residents looking for a relaxing afternoon away from the city. Primarily known as a bicycle path that connects Taipei City with the North Coast, several areas along the path are home to villages, shops, and restaurants.

The central area of Bali Is located nearby Bali Ferry Pier (八里渡船頭) connecting Bali with Tamsui across the river. Regular ferry service operates between the two locations, and service is consistent and affordable. Simply purchase a ticket or swipe an Easycard to travel across the river.

Rent a bicycle! Bike rentals are affordable, and shops are located along the entire length of the coast. Along with standard bicycles of all sizes, tandem and multi-seat bikes are also available for rental. Bicycle is the preferred method to explore Bali as attractions are slightly spread out and a well-maintained bicycle path connects the entire area.

Some of the attractions in Bali include the Waziwei Nature Conservation Area (挖仔尾自然保護區).

How to Get There?

By Ferry:
Regular ferry service is available between Bali Left Bank and the pier at Tamsui Old Street, located next to MRT Tamsui Station (淡水), northern terminus of the Red Line 2.

What Else?

While in Bali, check out the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology (十三行博物館), a museum dedicated to preserving and displaying artefacts from an ancient Aboriginal culture that existed in Northern Taiwan. The museum also hosts other exhibits and collections of Taiwanese Archaeology. Admission is free, and the museum is open every day except Monday from 9:30AM to 5PM.